Discus Red Spot Disease Treatment

Red spot disease is also known as Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) or Mycotic Granulomatosis (MG). It is an epizootic condition that does not frequently amongst freshwater fishes (it is seasonal).

Symptoms Of Discus Red Spot Disease

Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) or red spot disease has the following symptoms;

Disease Description & Causes (EUS) Red Spots

Red Spot disease (EUS) is a fungal disease that is composed of fungi such as Aphanomyces invadans, A. piscicida, A. invaderis, and ERA (EUS-related Aphanomyces).

Some of the outbreaks of EUS have been connected with rhabdoviruses; it has also been found that Gram-negative bacteria usually infect lesions caused by EUS.

Discus Red Spots Disease Causes

[1] – Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome is a condition that is usually common this is a situation that could come about when the water temperature is very low (long cold season) like say between 18o C and 22o C.

NOTE: There is a possibility that discus might recover from the infection if the period of low temperature passes.

[2] – The spread of EUS is mostly done through water supply and the discus fishes that are vulnerable to its attack are puerile discus including the young adult discus.

NOTE: Should your discus tank water be infected by EUS, the health of discus and other fish types in that tank will deteriorate by more than 50 percent (high morbidity) and so will the death rate of those fishes (high mortality).
NOTE: When discus is infected with EUS, red spots appear on their bodies and fins and they have deep ulcers.

Treatment For Red Spot Disease In Discus

EUS cannot be controlled while in water. However, if there is an outbreak in an aquarium or tank;

  • Add lime to the tank water to help improve the quality of the water
  • Remove the fishes that have been infected. By so doing, you reduce the rate of mortality

Overall, the way to treat EUS is to:

  • Pour 1/8 teaspoon of Potassium Permanganate per 4 gallons of water and dip discus in it.
  • Change tank water and pour in Acriflavine and tetracycline before placing the Discus back into the tank water.

Discus Red Spots Future Prevention Tips

If you want to prevent red spots in discus fishes do the following;

  • Remove dead fishes in the tank in order to avoid the spread of the disease. This is to prevent the fishes that survive from pecking on the fish that has been infected.
  • Feed the proper diet to Discus
  • Quarantine new fishes you want to add to the tank for about 3 wks. before you add them to the tank to make sure that proper hygiene is maintained.
  • Maintain a good quality of tank water.
  • Avoid overcrowding in the tank.


Red spot diseases are very deadly. They can kill discus and every other fish in the tank once they become infected. It is best to keep your tank and tank water clean to avoid contamination rather than trying to treat the fishes when they become infected.


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