Discus Breeding 101 – Guide For Beginners

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What Do Fertilized Discus Eggs Look Like?

Freshly laid eggs are clear and white after spawning. But the color changes when the eggs are fertilized; you would observe that fertilized eggs are goldish or orangish in color. At the same time, the unfertilized eggs will remain white with fungi after a day or two. These eggs are mildly opaque spheres stuck to the cone in thousands.

How Many Times Do Discus Lay Eggs?

In the spawning stage, the discus fish can lay eggs every week for up to fifteen weeks. This cycle occurs twice a year, and you can manipulate it by adjusting the water conditions, feeding, and temperature.

Are Discus Fish Hard to Breed?

Yes, the discus fish are very sensitive. If you are interested in breeding them, you have to learn how to select breeds, prepare breeding tanks, and how take care of your fry after spawning your Discus.

How Do I Know If My Discus Is Pairing?

You know that your Discus is pairing when they become highly possessive of their territory, the male Discus, which becomes very volatile and aggressive, usually chase other Discus away from the female Discus and the area where they are located.

The male Discus claims the female as a mate and scares other potential mates away from her. When you observe these signs, it is better to give your pair-bonding Discus a separate tank to have a free and more comfortable environment for the process.

Can Different Types Of Discus Breed?

Yes, different types of Discus can breed, and diverse types and colors of Discus can interbreed to produce a unique species and color. Because the Discus can cross breed, aquarists have been able to create strains that have never been seen before.

Are Discus Mouth Brooders?

Yes, the Discus Fish are mouthbrooders, they spawn on a vertical surface, and many pairs of the Discus choose to lay their eggs on a broadleaf plant where the eggs are fanned for three days before hatching takes place. After hatching, the parents move the fry in their mouths around the aquarium for 4 days.

Can Discus Breed Colors?

Yes, Discus can breed colors, all colors of Discus can interbreed and produce fertile fry. Some are easily distinguished, such as blue diamond and pigeon blood.

How Do You Tell Male and Female Discus Apart?

To identify the male or female Discus, the female Discus has brighter striking coloration than the male, whose coloration is fainter, the male Discus has more intricate patterns and more prominent physical characteristics than the female. Also, detecting the sex of the Discus can be done by inspecting their reproductive organs, the male has white testes, while the female has orange ovaries.

Can Discus Breed In A Community Tank?

It is easier to win a lottery than to have a successful spawn and raise Discus fry in a community tank. Although Discus is a schooling fish and is happier in a community tank, it is better to separate them in a breeding tank during breeding.

Can Discus Breed in Tap Water?

Some discus can breed in tap water while some cannot; the most important detail to pay attention to is the water hardness, tap water should be aged by one day before using it to have more ph stabilization along with other water parameters.

At What Size Do Discus Start Breeding?

Discus starts breeding when they reach 4.5″ inch to 5″ inch in size, it is difficult for Discus fish to breed when they are very young, but easier for them when they are mature because they most likely will pair off on their own. The female reaches maturity at 12 months, while the male takes up to 14 months to reach full maturity.

How Many Eggs Do Discus Lay?

The discus fish lay up to 400 eggs. They lay their eggs directly on the vertical glass wall of the tank by positioning their breeding tube against the surface.

How Many Times Can Discus Breed?

The Discus is known to lay eggs consistently for up to fifteen weeks, and this is a cycle that can only occur twice a year.

How Long Does It Take To Complete the Discus Breeding?

Discus fish breeding complete after around 2 to 3 weeks till the baby fries become independent, first 3 to 4 days, the eggs should hatch, spawn and baby fries come out, within 2 weeks, Discus parents remain with the babies till they become fairly larger and start feeding independently.


Breeding of the Discus fish is as sensitive as the discus fish itself. It is essential to have a breeding tank to have maximum results.


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