How Do You Make Beef Heart for Discus Fish?

To make a beef heart for your Discus, blend beef heart, salmon, and meat into smoother pieces, then mix with blended spinach and garlic. Add mixture to the food processor to properly mix into a puree. Make sure you add krill to thicken the mixture while making the beef heart.

How to make beef heart for discus fish?

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Ingredients For Discus Beef Heart Recipe

  1. A whole cow heart – two and a half pounds in weight, if possible.
  2. Two pounds of fresh salmon.
  3. 10 ounces of spinach.
  4. Eight cloves of garlic.
  5. Six ounces of krill meal.
  6. Six multivitamins.

[1] – Beef Heart

Beef heart is a good diet for your Discus as it has extremely low-fat content. You don’t want your Discus looking bloated.

It is also rich in protein and cheap when compared to other fish foods.

NOTE: In selecting your beef heart, you might want to watch out for beef heart containing excess fat and oil, the less fat, the better.

[2] – Fresh Salmon

Salmon used gives extra protein. The pigment in salmon skin adds to your Discus, thereby enhancing their vibrant colors.

[3] – Spinach

Spinach in the mixture contains vitamin A and iron, which aids the function of red blood cells in your Discus.

[4] – Garlic

Garlic contains Allicin which kills parasites and fungi in the bowels of your Discus. It can help to improve the appetite of your Discus fish.

[5] – Krill Meal

Krill meal is a specialty ingredient of feed, which has been produced for more than 15 years now from the whole round krill.

[5] – Multivitamins

Vegetables are a direct and a better source of vitamins, so the more vegetable, the better they can get.

NOTE: You can add peeled peas, metro, carrot, vita chem, broccoli, shrimps, bananas, turmeric, etc.

For this article, we will make use of the six (6) ingredients we listed above.

Discus Beef Heart Procedure

  1. Soak your multivitamins in water to soften them. It saves you the stress of mashing them anyway. It will also save your time because when you’re ready to add it, it will be ready too.
  2. Wash your beef heart and remove the fats and veins on it. Too much fat and thick tissue matter can clog a fish’s digestive system. The residue from their meal will soil your tank with grime. You will be left with a lesser proportion of the beef heart after removing all the fats (the white pigment on the beef heart).
  3. Grind all proteins (beef heart and salmon) together with spinach and garlic in your meat grinder to combine all the ingredients into one mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into your food processor, add your multivitamins and puree everything. Allow it to mix well to a paste, then add your krill to the desired quantity. The krill serves as a thickening agent for your mixture to ensure that the beef heart doesn’t dissolve in your aquarium.
  5. For storage, serve portions into a Ziploc bag and spread well and evenly in the bag (you could use a rolling pin to spread), or, for easy access, you could fill into ice cubes. Store in the refrigerator as beef hearts get bad after three days.

You may also watch the below video on how to do a proper rich Beefheart for Discus.

The 7 Best Discus Color Enhancing Food

The color of your Discus can depend on what they eat. You can add turmeric to your beef heart because it boosts the natural red, orange, and yellow coloration in Discus. There are several top color enhancing foods that are high quality with a good review; they include;

  1. Tetra Color Tropical Flakes.
  2. Omega one super color flakes.
  3. Tetra pro Tropical color crips.
  4. Fluval Hagen color max color enhancing flakes.
  5. Omega one super color cichlid pellets.
  6. Tetra Tropical XL color Granules.
  7. Aqueon Tropical color enhancing flakes.

Tetra Color Tropical Flakes:

This is a natural color enhancing supplementary food which will give a natural pink to orange-red color to your Discus. It is highly nutritious with vitamin C, and it does not cloud the water.

Main composition: It is made with high-quality food ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and trace elements using scientific formula. It has 49.0% crude protein, 2.0% crude fiber, 9.0% crude fat, 1.3 percent phosphorus, and 6.0% moisture. Omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate energy and growth, are also present.


  • It promotes the development of natural pink to orange-red colors in tropical fish.
  • It supports fish’s immune system for optional growth and long life.
  • The Tetra flakes minimize fish waste, and it makes the water of your aquarium clean and clear.

Omega One Super Color Flakes:

This provides your fish with color-boosting nutrition, including increased levels of beta carotene and omega fatty acids for maximum color. Salmon shells that contain pigments called beta-carotene, which, when consumed, have a transfer rate of almost 100% on the peel of ornamental fish, which increases the coloration of your fish. They are naturally insoluble, and as such preventing the pollution of your fish tank.

Main composition: it composes of 42% crude protein (min), 12% crude fat (min), 2% crude fibre (max), 8.5% moisture (max), 8% ash (max), 0.5% phosphorus (min), 2% omega 3 (min), 1% omega 6 (min).


  • Salmon skins contain a high level of beta-carotene, which provides extreme yet natural color enhancement.
  • Healthy development and increased immunity derived from fresh seafood ingredients rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It strengthens the delicate fish immune system and also aids the development of bones and scales.
  • Increases the appetite of your fish as cold-water marine proteins offer an incredible taste to attract even the pickiest of fish.
  • Maintains water quality as it is composed of natural protein binders. No meals, fewer starches for less waste, and cleaner water.

Tetra Pro Tropical Color Crisps:

It renders advanced nourishment for the fish. This nutritionally proportional diet floats longer and makes feeding less messy because it is cleaner than ordinary flakes, and it leaves less waste in the aquarium.

Each crisp marks a high content of natural color enhancers and a special ingredient that leads to the full development of beautiful and rich coloration.

Tetra Pro Tropical Color Crisps support fish immune health with Biotin and are formulated through a low-heat procedure that conserves more of the natural ingredients.

Main composition: It is composed of 45.0% crude Protein (min), 12.0% crude fat (min), 3.0% crude fiber (max), 8.0% moisture (max), 0.8% phosphorus (min).


  • Enhances fish’s colorful appearance.
  • Easy-to-digest protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.
  • Reduces waste and improves tank clarity.
  • Advanced nutrition for clean water and healthy fish.
NOTE: If you are interested to learn how to enhance your Discus fish coloring, better to check my other tutorial article on how to do that in detail:
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How Do You Cook Discus Beef Heart?

When preparing a beef heart, Beef heart is prepared with raw ingredients, and for preservation, it is stored frozen and fed to the Discus frozen. you do not cook it. In their natural habitat, there is no such thing as a cooked meal.


Discus beef heart is a great meal for your Discus. It contains numerous nutrients, and it can boost their color and enhance their growth.


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