API General Cure

Having API General cure medication in your house is essential if you are having Discus.

API General cure is very important for several reasons:

  • Because if you see any illness symptoms in your Discus or any weird indications on your Discus fish body.
  • If you are introducing a new fish into your tank.

This product package treats up to 100 gallons tank of water, 4 doses required for the full course of treatment.

Read full instructions steps in the Description below.


Directions For Using API General Cure

  1. Remove the activated carbon or filter cartridge from your filter.
  2. Keep the aeration in your aquarium.
  3. Empty one packet of the medicine for every 10 gallons of water (38 Litres).
  4. Repeat this dose after 24 hours.
  5. Wait for another 24 hours without doing anything.
  6. The change 25% of your aquarium water.
NOTE: Repeat the same treatment process for a total of 4 Doses.
  • Then make a final 25% water change.
  • Add a fresh activated carbon or replace the filter cartridge.
NOTE: Treatment may be repeated, if necessary.

This medication will cause a slight discoloration of water which will be removed once you put back the activated carbon into your filter.

NOTE: I highly advise using the API General cure medication in case of any illness noticed in your Discus or in case you are introducing a new fish into your tank..

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