Aquatic Echinodorus Bleheri ‘Amazon Sword’ Plant – Pot

Aquatic Plants has several advantages to your Discus aquarium:

  • Oxygenate the water and provide Discus fish and aquarium shelter for their life while keeping them healthier.
  • Your Discus tank looking nicer.
  • Amazon Sword is one of the world’s most widely used plants in Discus planted aquariums.
  • It is slow growth, unique leaf structure, and reproduction method make it an aquarium smash hit.

Anubias Planting Instructions:

Planting Amazon Sword is by simply throwing it into your water.

Really, if you just drop it in, it’ll start growing.

Note: You can also choose where it will go by burying the roots in some gravel or tying it onto a piece of material.


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