Aquarium Fish Tank (5 in 1) Cleaning Kit Set

Why it is very important to us as aquarists to have a cleaning kit? here is why:

  • Every day algae will develop over your tank glasses and other elements, and if they are leftover there, the situation will be worse when they develop over time, and this will reduce the water quality and increase the health issues in your Discus.
  • When you have live plants or carpet grass, the situation will be even worse.
  • If you want to transfer your fish to another tank for medications or any other reasons, then you need a net.
  • If you have sand or gravel in your Discus tank, then definitely you need a special tool for that to clean your tank.

Check all product features in the Description below.



5-in-1 Aquarium Cleaning Kit Features

  • Keep your hands dry and clean with this (5 in 1) multi-function aquarium cleaning tool.
  • Easy to swap 5 Attachments in and out. Great for cleaning and removing dirty debris from your tank and aquarium.
  • Extendable / stretchable from 54 cm (21.3 in) to 80 cm (31.5 in).
  • High quality, durable ABS plastic material, anti-rust.
  • Comes with: fishnet, an algae scraper, glass sponge, plant fork, and a sand/gravel rake.

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