Plastic Aquarium Oxygen Tube 6mm Diameter 4.5m Long

A transparent air pump tube that everybody is using in their Discus aquariums, but the good thing is when you buy a long tube, you can place your air pump far from your aquarium where it is hidden or make your aquarium place quieter in case your air pump is not the silenced one.

This is a good choice also if you have more than one aquarium and want to use the same pump in both.

You can use it with any type of air bubbler, such as air stones, bubbler tubes.. etc.

Check the tube specs in the description below.


Color: Clear
Package Content: 1 x Aquarium Air Tube
Total Size: 6mm x 4.5M/0.24″ x 14.8Ft (Diameter*L)
Material: Plastic
Net Weight: 94g
Product Name: Aquarium Air Tube

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