4L Aquarium CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit with Regulator & Needle Valve for 600-800g Raw Material

Any Discus aquarium that is using real plants in it, (Must) have a Co2 generator.

Read below in the description why you need to have a Co2 generator for your Discus planted aquarium.


Any Discus aquarium that is using real plants in it, (Must) have a Co2 generator in order to make the sustainability and lifetime of any plants, otherwise, within few weeks the plants will die.

The reason is plants are contrary to humans and animals, they need Co2 to stay alive and they produce Oxegyne, while other species need Oxygine to live and produce Co2.

So having plants in your Discus aquarium is healthy for your Discus fish,

Co2 Generator is widely used by aquarists, it is not expensive, and remains for months to come, and once finished, you can refill it with your local pet shop at cheap prices.





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