156 LED Aquarium Lighting for (45 – 50 inch) Discus Fish Tank Light Hood

You need an aquarium light for several reasons:

  • If you have live plants then turning the aquarium light for up to 6 hours a day is essential to keep your plants alive.
  • It is important so your Discus fish to have light-on on feeding time for about an hour daily per feeding for 2 feedings a day.

The 45 to 50 inch LED light is a good fit for your aquarium, below are the specifications:

  • Bright LEDs with 5 colors, full-spectrum LEDs and makes phycophyta vivid.
  • The extendable bracket makes LED light fits different size aquariums in the extendable range.
  • High-quality LEDs can be used for at least 50000 hrs.
  • If one of the LEDs is not working by being misused, the others would not be affected (But other cheaper ones will be extinguished with lots of LEDs and can’t be used anymore).
  • High efficiency, low energy dissipation, save cost, extend LEDs life span.


This is me Firas Sameer, the founder of DiscusRescue.com, I am an aquarist guy with a passion and love for Discus fishes, I am learning every day with my hobby at home and sharing the things I am learning from my experience with you.

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