Carib Sea Direct Natural Caribbean Aquarium Live Sand, 20 Lb

Why would you put natural bright sand in your Discus tank?

  • In order to make your Discus happy and accordingly become less stressed and healthier, then you have to keep them in a natural environment.
  • Having a natural sand in your Discus aquarium is not only makes your Discus happy in the natural environment but also makes your tank looks so natural and eye catchy.
  • Light sand color helps Discus not to have the black peppering on their bodies. so this is another advantage of this Natural Caribbean Aquarium Live Sand.
NOTE: The bag consists of 20 pounds of natural sands, so if you have a 55-gallon aquarium, then you need 40 pounds of sands to fill it (2 bags of sand).



  • Beautiful aragonite substrate for all types of Discus aquariums.
  • Contains millions of beneficial bacteria to enhance biological filtration
  • Many styles help recreate any natural environment.

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